My growth journal:

52 Weekly Self-Reflection Prompts to Become Happier

Exploring your recent and past experiences can be challenging, but the weekly open ended questions allow you time to fully process moments throughout your week that impact you. Each question is designed to allow you to look introspectively in short, bite sized chunks that realistically fit with your busy schedule. By the end of the year, you will find that you will have explored nearly every aspect of your life with a balance between gratitude and self-improvement. Available in ebook or paperback.

Printable Affirmation cards

These affirmations are designed to promote self-acceptance, challenge negative self-talk, and encourage you to cultivate a more positive and compassionate relationship with your mind and body. 

Select a card daily or weekly, reflect on its message, and incorporate it into your daily practice of self-care and self-love.

New Year, new me!

Personal Growth Plan

This personal growth plan gives you a structured clinical approach to encourage personal growth in the new year. Creating your personal growth plan will help transform you into the "new you" by helping you to let go of negative attitudes and habits, thus allowing you to embrace the positive through self-improvement. It is the self-therapy session you never knew you needed to give yourself a fresh start. You will receive a link to download the resource once the payment is processed.